Garden Seeker Productions is the brainchild of Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest and super group Lucy Pearl). With nearly 20 years in the music industry as businessman, producer and musician, Mr. Muhammad has dedicated his artistry to the evolution of music once again.

Garden Seeker Productions
was formed to establish a communal effort amongst artists seeking to re-establish versatility and timelessness within their music. We hope to be a supportive vessel for established innovators as well as up and coming talent. One of our goals is to remove obstacles set forth by a gate keeping mind state and in its place provide a visionary portal for artists who may otherwise go unheard.

Current events of the world have directly affected the music industry in numerous ways. The tradition of artist development has been abandoned. This change has left executives of major labels wondering, “what’s next?” As a staple of the music industry, Mr. Muhammad has always had a keen eye for “what’s next”. Garden Seeker Productions is the vision Mr. Muhammad has in moving toward a new era of music business.

Garden Seeker
is a name that holds significant meaning in its operation. This inspired phrase applies directly to the artist and staff within Garden Seeker’s stable. It supports a fair and progressive atmosphere where Garden Seekers can strive and grow without limit. Put simply, Garden Seeker’s mission is for the greater good of the artist’s endeavors; a simple mission lost in commercialism and greed of financial gain.

Garden Seeker’s close-knit family, coupled with Mr. Muhammad, as the seasoned leader at is helm, has joined forces to put forth a movement of artistic empowerment. We look forward to invading your ears and touching your hearts, musically of course.